radioFREQUENCYDesigned to combine therapeutic and beauty benefits, our team of professionals will help you to find your body’s perfect equilibrium with an itinerary specifically made just for you. Our goal is to cater to you: Aisthesis, being a place well known for beauty pampering will send you into an oasis of relaxation for your mind and body. A session with us will have you finding newfound energy to deal with normal daily life stressors. Aisthesis is the right spot to let a positive energy embrace you. Aisthesis purpose is meant to make our customers dive into a nice and relaxing atmosphere letting our professionals completely re-invigorate their senses through our treatments. We offer specific anti-cellulitis, anti-dehydration, anti-ageing treatments, personalized diets and programs for a correct food requirement, slimming treatments. Aisthesis will make an appointment for a first consultancy and give you a detailed anamnesis. Then we will provide you with a personal file composed by the treatments you need. The first consultancy, of course, will be free. We receive by appointment only in Via Ripuaria 249 – Varcaturo – Giugliano in Campania – Napoli.depilatory

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